Ashfield Land undertook a land assembly exercise of various sites totalling 20 acres over a number of years adjacent to what was then proposed as the new J2 to the M74 motorway, which connects directly into Glasgow centre, approximately 10 minutes drive time away and is appropriately one mile east of Rutherglen Town Centre.

Topgolf is one of the leading golf range operators in the world, with a bespoke leisure offer. Their typical leisure complex is built to provide 3 tier golf driving bays over a highly featured and digitised range area.

The Topgolf ‘offer’uses micro-chipped golf balls that players drive towards a series of feature illuminated holes along with a number of other challenges. It is a leisure offer that attracts a wide range of customers and it is not necessary to be an experienced or even barely competent golfer, which helps attract a broad private and corporate customer base.