Ashfield Land Ltd is delighted to announce the recent submission of a planning application to Aylesbury Vale District Council, for the land at Bierton Farm, situated to the east of Aylesbury.

Working in partnership with Barratt Strategic, the proposals will deliver the following:

  • 2,450 homes including up to 40% affordable homes
  • Creation of three distinct ‘villages’
  • 10 hectares of land providing 377,500 sq. ft of B1, B2 and B8 employment
  • Provision for two primary schools and a site for a secondary school
  • The delivery of the Eastern and Stocklake link roads
  • Strategic flood defences to protect the town centre
  • Significant areas of new green infrastructure including:-
    - Wetlands wildlife conservation area
    - Enhanced wildlife habitat

This application has been submitted at a time when the outcome of the emerging the Localism Bill is uncertain and when recent High Court decisions have reinstated regional planning policy.

Ashfield Land Ltd and Barratt Strategic are keen to work with the local planning authority and the public as they continue to promote the site as part of a review Core Strategy. Through this planning application, we believe we are able to detail their approach to the delivery of homes, jobs and infrastructure which will meet the future needs of Aylesbury.

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