Ashfield Land has secured planning permission for up to 190 new homes adjacent to its Ipswich Business Park scheme, off J53 of the A14.

Land directly to the north of the consented commercial park was promoted for a residential development which would deliver new homes adjacent to commercial/employment space in a sustainable location to the north west of Ipswich.

Ashfield Land acquired the overall site in 2006 with a view to realising its development for both commercial and residential use. The residential site extends to 25 acres.

Permission for the residential scheme was granted following an appeal by Ashfield Land. The Inspector issued a split decision dismissing the appeal for the application site of 315 dwellings but granting consent for a smaller scheme of 190 dwellings on the southern part of the site. The idea of the split decision was introduced by Ashfield Land in advance of and during the Inquiry.

The site, off Old Norwich Road, will now come forward and contribute to housing growth within Mid-Suffolk District and the wider provision of new homes in and around Ipswich.

Claire Cope, Director at Ashfield Land, said: “Ashfield Land has a reputation earned over more than 30 years for identifying strategic opportunities and bringing schemes forward. This is the latest example of our approach in action and we are extremely satisfied to see a significant consent granted.”

Ipswich Business Park and this now consented residential scheme are immediately to the north of the existing and successful Anglia Retail Park.